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The Other Cool Restaurants

someone asked me to post more about restaurants. so this is it!


Pizza E birra

when it’s time to sleep, but you feel really hungry and rambunctious, it’s time to go to PIZZA E BIRRA! we usually eat pizza with the stuffed crust, and heavy. well, it’s a very different pizza in here, duh.. it’s dip dish and very chunky. pizza e birra is owned by the Ismaya Group. the name is self explanatory: pizza e birra has mostly pizzas (+appetizers, and soups) and beers (all kind, there’s also the fruit flavored!)

pizza e birra also has a very cool live music on friday and saturday night, and the beer pong tournament that takes place once in a while. and the drawback, of course, it’s very expensive.

pizza e birra is nicer when we go with friends. it’s a kind of sharing food system. are you guys sure that you can finished one brass of pizza all by yourself? (yes, if you haven’t eat for a couple of days, i think). and the soups are also in a quite big size, that you can share it with a friend of yours.


price rate: 100.000-150.000/person.


  • Plaza Indonesia. 5th floor, unit E 22
  • Setiabudi building, Kuningan. Jl. HR. Rasuna Said II.



“The kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made.” –Grimod de la Reyniere

Kitchenette & Crêperie is also a restaurant owned by the Ismaya Group. Kitchenette is serving you with home cooked goodness, great coffee and various fresh off-the kitchen comfort foods.

the foods:

  • galettes
  • crêpes
  • salads
  • and many more..

their savory galettes are freshly made to order right in front of you and handcrafted with buckwheat flour, natural ingredients, and also a dash of love 😉 Their crêpes are very light and sweet filled with every delicious idea to spoiled your tongue and satisfy your sweet tooth.

their salad bar provides freshly prepared salad selections that can be served as a main course or as a complement to our crêpes.


Place:  Plaza Indonesia Lt 1, E16