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Quicky Tips

article compiled by shannon friedmann hatch


we usually tried everything to stop our sugar from turning into a solid white brick. airtight glass containers helped, but the sweet stuff ultimately still caked. the weapon is: POTATO MASHER. with a few strokes, the sugar breaks up into granules.


we often runs into this common problem: we want butter for our toast, but forgot to leave it out to soften.  crisis averted: vegetable peeler is able to cut a thin ribbon that’s easy to spread into our toast.


Paul Villien of New Orleans, La., has found a way to mimic the popular griddle sandwiches without investing a panini press.

  1. set a large, seasoned, oiled cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat; place assembled sandwich inside.
  2. place a smaller cast-iron skillet (or other heavy pot) on top of the sandwich to press. cook until the bottom of the sandwich is golden brown, then flip and repeat the process the other side.

source: cook’s illustrated feb 2011