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cream soup

this cream soup is my own recipe. my aunt taught me how to make this, and it tasted really good. it’s super easy to make this kind of cream soup, so let’s take a look at it!


  • chicken broth 3/4 pot
  • ham or sausage 250gr
  • ultramilk (or any kind of milk) 2 boxes
  • maggie 1/2 block
  • powdered mash potato
  • maizena flour


  1. put the ham into the chicken broth.
  2. add salt, MSG or taste enhancer (if you want), and pepper.
  3. put the 2 boxes of milk into the broth
  4. and add maggie to make it more savory
  5. put in the powdered mash potato.
  6. lastly, put in the maizena flour. if it’s still watery, you add it more until it’s thick.



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